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Lots of practical ideas to make your summer count with kids.


Magic Potion

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KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts!

from Intentional By Grace

12 Indoor Toddler Activities {12-18 months

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12 Indoor Toddler Activities


Ocean Water

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Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties. // For more family resources visit! :)

Toddler Busy Bags
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toddler busy bags

from Life As Mama

10 Creative Cardboard Projects That Kids Will Love

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So doing some of these!

from A Healthy Slice of Life

Kid-Friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt Drops

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DIY Greek Yogurt Drops recipe for Kids (young and old). Frozen Greek yogurt drops! I made them Thursday morning on my Thinking Outside the Lunchbox segment on FOX News Rising. These kid-friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt drops are great for kids of all ages, from baby led weaing to toddler snacks and beyond, they are a healthy, delicious treat!

from Classy Clutter

Winter Activities for Kids

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I will definitely be doing this for our kids!! And there is always a possibility that we will end up in it too.....

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10 Ways to Keep a Toddler Busy (without buying new toys) Some good ideas for encouraging motor skills.