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Round gown, ca 1795 Italy, KCI

vintage French 1920s gown

Robe à l’anglaise, ca 1785 France, KCI

Tea Gown, Balenciaga, 1937

Women’s underwear served two purposes in the 18th century. The hoops were also made of linen and stiffened with whalebone or cane. They shaped the petticoat of the gown to the appropriate silhouette. At various times in the 18th century this profile varied from round, to square and flat, to fan-shaped.

Ballgown, 1900-03 France, the Met Museum

18th Century. The jacket and side panels look puce but I'm not sure if that was called puce in the 18th century...probably would have in the 19th century. The skirt is a little too "grape purple" for puce.

Dressing Gown Date: ca. 1802

Green silk damask round gown, 1775

MET Museum White Moire Polychrome Floral Striped Unusual Gown American c.1795

1816 Costume Parisien. Court dress.

Silk sack back gowns from the Kyoto Costume Institute


Robe à la française dressed à la polonaise, ca 1760-80 England, the Mint Museum

Dress (Round Gown) ca. 1795

Late 1790's

1790s gown

Robe a l'anglaise, 1770’s - 80’s

Regency gown - love the sleeves!

18th century