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Family is not always Blood

Family isn't always blood

I LOVE YOU To The Moon and Back Sign, Shabby Chic Sign, Rustic Sign, Wedding Sign, Newborn Photo Prop, Maternity Prop, Distressed Sign

I think this is stupid, compared to the grandness that is our universe that is quite a small distance, kind of pathetic really. Now say: I love you to the edge of the universe. That is saying something. There is no edge. The universe is infinite. DFTBA.

I didn't accept less then I deserve. I just had a life where my entire reality was all an illusion. This is what makes it so hard & so totally evil.

Oh so true...

My Dog Winks at Me Wood Sign Plaque Black - Wall Decor - Funny Dog Sign - Pet Lover - Dog Saying

Historically, the “Beware Of Dog” sign has been used by dog owners to caution strangers at the door. But times have changed, and dog owners (and their dogs) now welcome guests to the door in a more lighthearted and humorous way.  

Oh my sister...@Patricia Ortiz! <3 you Bitch <3

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Sometimes all it takes is a simple quote to stop you in your tracks and make you smile. There are so many lovely and moving quotes to use starting with these 5 Quotes to Place Around Your Home to Brighten Your Day.

We All Have Chapters We'd Rather Keep Unpublished Wall Decor, Art Print, Wall Art

So true.