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    Jazhara-- On April 9, 2006, two jaglions were born at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Jahzara (female) and Tsunami (male) were the result of an unintended mating between a black jaguar called Diablo and a lioness called Lola, which had been raised together. His sister, Jahzara, is melanistic just like their father. Since then Lola & Diablo (the parents) have been separated, but live next to each other.

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    Jaguar ~ by: Josef Gelernter. Jaguars with melanism appear entirely black, but their spots are visible. Black melanism affects about 6% of the population, well above the rate of mutation. Melanistic jaguars are informally known as black panthers, but (as with all forms of polymorphism) they do not form a separate species.

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