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I know this is a Peter Pan thing...but it reminds me of that T-Swizzle song Never Grow Up...ohhh darling don't you ever grow up, wish I'd never grown up, it could still be simple....Peter Pan <3


Childhood Memories

Slinky temporary tattoo: totally need it

HelloGigglesfrom HelloGiggles

You need to be on a wait list to get these gorgeous tattoos


Uh...I think I'd change where the pixie dust is coming from, though, should I get this tattoo... O_o

Idéias de Tatuagens 2!

That is one awesome tattoo!

Sailors used to get a sparrow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles they traveled. Sparrows were also believed to bring a sailor good luck, so sometimes the sailor got his Sparrow tattoo before leaving the docks, hoping it would act as a talisman, and help bring him safely home again.