Type 1 Diabetic tattoo...no more annoying medical alert bracelet for me!

Diabetic tattoo! i am DEFF. getting this i love it!! <3

Type 1 Diabetic tattoo

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Alternative to a Diabetic medical alert bracelet.

Diabetes Tattoo by ~meduzo on deviantART

Type 1 Diabetes tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

diabetic tattoo instead of medical alert bracelet

Show Tom at Work

henna - I think Henna style would make a great real tattoo


Mother & Daughter tattoos for me and Aryn


Mother daughter tattoo!

anchor tattoo.

50+ Sister Tattoos Ideas | Cuded


back tattoo

Type 1 Diabetes Medical Alert Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2) - Pump Peelz Insulin Pump Skins - 1

sister tattoos... Love this!