• Chelsea Marie

    I'm not diabetic. I'd want mine to say BEE ALLERGY and MIGRAINES

  • Emrys the Skeleton

    Type 1 Diabetic tattoo. It would be so much more convenient than constantly wearing a medic alert bracelet! Gods I hate that thing

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Medical Alert: Type 1 Diabetic Tattoo done by Brian at Cynical Tattoo in Tuscaloosa, AL

My Type 1 Diabetic medical alert tattoo.

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Cool tattoo type not just for someone who is diabetic but just for any health issues instead of a medical alert bracelet :)

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Diabetic medic alert tattoo--I am a Type II diabetic... can't do the tattoo but I need to think this through...

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Medic Alert Tattoo I like this idea

Who needs a medical alert bracelet

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