Type 1 Diabetic tattoo...no more annoying medical alert bracelet for me!

Type 1 Diabetic tattoo

Diabetic tattoo! i am DEFF. getting this i love it!! <3

I don't know if i'd get this, if so, probably with a different quote... but I love that type of text and the flower with it.

Lace tattoo

Feather tattoo


health alert tatoos | Medical Alert Tattoo tattoo

Im SO getting one of these for May May! Type 1 Diabetes tattoo

Birds Tattoo

Mother & Daughter tattoos for me and Aryn

Alternative to a Diabetic medical alert bracelet.

My Type 1 Diabetic medical alert tattoo.

Tattoo. To infinity and beyond! Really love this one with the infinity sign. •° #tattoo

I am not afraid to keep on living… | 17 Tattoos Inspired By Your Favorite Bands

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⚓I refuse to sink

Two of my sisters And I are getting matching tattoos. I wonder how the other two will feel...

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I really want this tattoo.

Tattoo for my little brother. He has type 1 diabetes. Love is greater than the highs and lows.