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  • Linda Crofts Scheschy

    Tipsy Pot Plant Tower - Might make a good herb garden.

  • Debbie Powell Stamper

    Tipsy Pot Tower ~place 12" round clay pot on ground & thread re-rod through drainage hole into ground for stabilization. Must fill pot with soil at this point so that next pot has something to sit on. Tamp soil down & water to firm it up. Use 10" pots for remainder of tower, (although you can use any ascending sizes). Thread 2nd pot through it's drainage hole & tilt to one side so base of 10" pot is resting on soil of previous pot. Repeat steps for rest of pots. Plant flowers.

  • Danelle Delio Huggett

    Tipsy flower pot plant tower

  • Juliana Jacobs

    Tipsy pots - I just picked up a whole gaggle of old terracotta pots from craig's list - all I need now is the rebar.

  • Cynthia White Jessup

    garden pots | Container Garden Planters

  • Cam Lachowitzer

    diy container gardening ideas | Tipsy pots/ DIY

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