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  • Karen Grieve Tomblin

    "UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN" (2003) Stars Diane Lane in one of the best chick flicks ever. Special bonus if you watch it in the winter because the sunshine of Italy will brighten your day.

  • Sandy Rummel

    Under the Tuscan Sun - Diane Lane. Great chick flick, great movie.

  • Neva

    Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) This is my favorite movie.. I can watch it over and over and never get enough of this movie!

  • Ruth Bright Carroll

    Audrey Wells 'Under The Tuscan Sun', 2003 - Diane Lane stars as Frances Mayers, a successful San Francisco literature professor and author, experiencing writers block with her latest book. Unfortunately for Frances her husband informs her he's having an affair & wants a divorce. Enter Patti, (Sandra Oh) who offers Frances a fabulous Gay Tour to Tuscany - 'Tuscan Sun' is a light-hearted, beautifully shot, coming-of-age film, with superb acing & real cinematic escapism!

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