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Scorpio, wow,now is so good to know I´m like that because I´m a scopio ( I just can´t avoid it)

Cancers can be quiet and very caring, but when you get them mad you won't even recognize them.

Scorpio's may seem light, happy, cheerful, but are secretly carrying some of the darkest emotions you can imagine

Ok, I can handle the truth about what is happening in your head, but no one can deal with what is going on in mine. heh heh

ok this could just be the "barnum effect" here...but I cant really deny this one.....

Zodiac Facts- I'm a Scorpio and this is so true!

I'm just biding my time and letting the anger boil and fester so sleep with one hand on the door and one eye open

...and listening. And I can't shut it off. There would be more peace if I could.

...or simply by being silent and keeping a poker face. In a second, all their 'inner doors and windows' can be shut tight leaving you standing in the cold and wondering what the hell just happened!

Seriously, if there is something you don't think looks good/ you don't agree with... let me know.... but don't let me know the day before or even worse, the day of the wedding :)