raised beds

Back yard Chickens I see one thing missing from this scene. It's the hens scratching favorite plants out of the ground as they dig a pit in the dirt to dust themselves. The downside of having free range hens!

Fairytale house - I bet the animals would talk to me if I lived here!

Thatched roof garden shed with a rabbit hutch on the side by Cordwood Construction. - My Cottage Garden

raindropsonroses-65: “enjoying a warm summer day. ”

How did the two chicks get on the fence? With those tiny wings and considering chickens are very weak fliers, I'm surprised!

magnoliamerryweather: sweetcarolinablues❤️

The words of advice we were given by experienced chicken owners:’Bring the new birds into the coop at night, when they are roosting, when they awaken it will be like they were always there.’ We did this with our hens and it worked great.

Chickens beside a small stone shed with blue door

tiny stone cottage or shed in France-- I would just like to have my very own chickens in the future

visitors are leaving

Chickens in rustic doorway, Provence, France My 2 favorite things. Interesting doors and chickens!