The embroidery on the toes is worked in fine silver toned metallic thread with gold toned sequins and wider metal strips woven in a basket weave pattern filling the larger central area.

Slippers, Ealand,1800–1810, British, Leather. In the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Label inside shoe reads "Ealand's/Ladies Cheap Shoe Warehouse, 99 Jermyn Street opposite St. James Church" - good to know there was a version of Payless during the Regency! :-)

White leather slippers, by Ealand, British, Label: "Ealand's/Ladies Cheap Shoe Warehouse, 99 Jermyn Street opposite St.

Chaussons en tapisserie. Vers 1813.

Tapestry-weave slippers, Heel-less straights having square toe, very finely woven with a red and green floral design on grey ground, lined in linen and white kid, leather sole.

Regency Foxed Slippers - Inspo ~ American Duchess

Fashion involves many design elements which may vary at disparate speeds. This pair of slippers sports the distinctive decorative program of a light colored cotton upper with a contrasting leather tip outlined in a white chain-stitched bow and swag motif

Women's shoes, France. 1700 - 1750, Brown leather , relief embroidery with colorful silk and gold thread . High, strongly curved heel and toe cap-like beak .  (LM- 7464 ) Schweizerisches National Museum #Schweizerisches

Women's Shoes, France circa 1700 Via Schweizerisches National Museum.

This pelisse was made for a trousseau in 1823. Kudos to whoever it was who combined the photos of this beauty into one pin.

A pelisse or pelisse-coat, a kind of women's outer garment which could be made in everything from the lightest silk to heavy fur. It was worn over a gown but could look like a gown itself, especially when floor length like this garment.

ca. 1810-1820, | Threading Through Time

ca. 1810-1820,

Evening dress Designer: George Halley (American) Date: ca. 1967 Culture: American Medium: nylon, silk, glass, metallic thread, plastic Dimensions: Length at CB: 54 in.

Slippers, 1800, Made of kid leather, silk, and linen

England - Slippers - Kid leather, silk, metal thread embroidery, metal spangles, and linen lining

Evening slippers ca. 1815-1820 British   Silk This pair of evening slippers mostly showed the completely heelless ladies shoes during Empire period. They are made out of delicate and light materials to match the style of dress. They also had pointed toes.

Slippers, Evening Vandervell Date: Culture: British Medium: silk Dimensions: 2 x 9 in. x cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art,