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Black Pinet boot

Fashion victims: 10 of the deadliest shoes and accessories of the 19th Century

Bata Shoe Museum: Students can learn more about people and cultures by learning about their shoes!

1920s shoes via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pinet Shoes - - by F. Pinet, Paris (French, founded - Leather - The Metropolitan Museum of Art -

Women's shoes, France. 1700 - 1750, Brown leather , relief embroidery with colorful silk and gold thread . High, strongly curved heel and toe cap-like beak .  (LM- 7464 ) Schweizerisches National Museum #Schweizerisches

Women's Shoes, France circa 1700 Via Schweizerisches National Museum.

1700's Painted Shoe

Kid leather with a painted design, and silk satin covered heel. The latchets would have been fastened with a buckle.

everybody needs a pair of good old boots....Circa 1910-20 Silk Boots.

This is an example of century silk boots. The source of this image is The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

1914 -1919 | Pietro Yantorny for Rita de Acosta Lydig   Gift of Mercedes de Acosta   Source: Metmu seum       “In Paris, the master ar...

Kid leather pumps attributed to Grantoni, French, ca. was visible beneath short dresses and was selected with more care as a fashion accessory. in the footwear became an essential fashion accessory.

Pink Silk High button Boots - 1870

Augusta Auctions, May 2007 Vintage Clothing & Textile Auction, Lot Ladys Pink High Button Boots,

Lady's kid leather shoes with low Louis heels, decorated with color thread embroidery. 1770s

Shoe-Icons / Shoes / Lady's kid leather shoes with low Louis heels, decorated with color thread embroidery.

Boots, 1910-14. I have some Aerosoles that look a lot like this

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Amazing women's high-button boots in black and white Patent leather, kid leather, & leather. ~ Now, why cannot anyone out there actually make boots with buttons like with WITHOUT zippers?