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  • Bill H

    Here is another look at this evil, cancer causing, terrible tasting, highly salty and fat filled love of my life. John Taylor Pork Roll (aka: Taylor Ham). It will make a healthy person sob with disgust and a NJ Shore Denizen cry with delight. There is no way to explain the euphoric taste that comes from a fried Pork Roll on a hard roll sandwich. Some like it on a roll with an egg and a slice of American cheese. Purists eat it on a buttered roll with a bit of catsup. Heaven.

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Pork Roll and Cheese sandwiches are the best!!!

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New Jersey Pork Roll Sandwich With Egg and Cheese -- For an authentic Jersey breakfast, layer pork roll (a SPAM-like meat) with a cheese-smothered egg between toasty buns. #AcrosstheCountry

Pork roll or taylor ham? Blue denotes taylor ham (it's a North Jersey thing) and red denotes pork roll. Whatever you call it, get it with cheese on a round roll and you will surely be asked, "salt, pepper, ketchup?" (Really good places will ask "scrambled or fried?")

In the age of Jerseylicious nonsense, I am feeling a need to show my state some love

its been 2 years and i just keep getting more and more homesick

And if you want to learn other weird things about NJ, you can read this: | Why It's Awesome To Be From New Jersey

New Jersey State Girl,Seal and Flower (sugar maple leaf). 1907.

Lookee Heather! You could do this for Maryland too! They love their "shore" sayings! Shore Thing...etc.