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eating utensils are designed by Marije Vogelzang / Kitchen  <3

Scented spoons, well that is kinda cool.

West Elm curated gifts

Etsy Gifts Curated by West Elm

Modern Stripe Bottle Vase by Dahl House Design - available on Etsy - always surprises me how much amazing stuff you can find on Etsy!

little objects


source of happy thoughts and inspiration

DIY – Painter drawer pulls

Make over any bureau in minutes just by repainting the knobs. Use regular latex or acrylic for wooden knobs, spray paint for metal or plastic pulls. More over at Remodelista!

Caroline Gomez's Dinette - want

Studio Fludd

by Studio Fludd

Nutida Svensk Silver - Maki Okamoto, the Spoon. - one spoon and fork and one cannot fork cannot spoon

The Spoon van Maki Okamoto

Guirlande fanion en masking tape

Guirlande fanion en masking tape

Ballpoint pen. LOVE the colors and the shape of it. It's so fat and cute!

ballpoint pens from paper mash.

Moleskin covers! This made me think of you Sarz lol

gold-leaf "dipped" notebooks (via eat sleep cuddle)

weekday carnival

The Harvest series - Darling Clementine


Pastel straws - how cute.

hiroshi sugito    the best time of the day. -raymond carver    Cool summer nights. Windows open. Lamps burning.  Fruit in the bowl. And your head on my shoulder.  These the happiest moments in the day.  Next to the early morning hours, of course.  And the time just before lunch. And the afternoon,  and early evening hours. But I do love these  summer nights. Even more, I think, than those other  times. The work finished for the day.  And no one who can reach us now. Or ever.

the best time of the day: hiroshi sugito.

Les soucoupes : entières ou d'abord à croquer pour avaler la poudre ?

I just adored these "flying saucers as a kid, filled with candy beads!


Beautiful hand-crafted soaps by innerearthsoaps on Etsy