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  • Ginger Boyer

    Festiva Maxima heirloom peony - I lived in a house - a very old house - that had one of these beautiful peony plants that was over 80 years old. Sadly, after I moved and it didn't receive TLC, it died.

  • Jeannie Hartis

    FESTIVA MAXIMA heirloom peony one of the most beautiful flowers in creation!! Hard to beat this old-fashioned marvel.

  • Peggy McMillen

    FESTIVA MAXIMA heirloom peony. My Mother had peonies in her flower garden! Love them!

  • Cindy Legowik

    PEONY FESTIVA MAXIMA, 1851 The most famous peony of all, ‘Festiva Maxima’ has been a standard of excellence since Hovey’s of Boston first offered it in the US in 1852. Its big, sparkling white flowers are highlighted by a few dribbles of crimson, its stems are strong, and it blooms reliably even in the South. 3-5 eye roots, 36”, zones 3a-8a(8bWC), from Iowa. | Old House Gardens - One of my favorite flowers!

  • Anita Vassar

    .Heirloom Peony. My very favorite flower. The White Peony.

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Does anyone know what these flowers are? Please leave a comment...thanks!

I have a love for plants! When I move back home I'll look into adding more botany into my room.

FESTIVA MAXIMA, 1851. The most famous peony of all, 'Festiva Maxima' has been a standard of excellence since Hovey's of Boston first offered it here in 1852 .