• Ed7en Farber

    thought provoking

  • Chana Halevi

    Patriarchy and heteronormativity work together to promote a rape culture that indicates how victim blaming/slut shaming are acceptable for a developed democratic society in the 21st century. Feminism works to combat rape culture by removing the blame from the victim. In a sociology class, I was taught that in matriarchal societies, rape is so rare that when it happens the attacker is shunned to great lengths for harming a women.

  • Kat Knutsen

    'I need feminism because society teaches us 'Don't get raped' rather than ' Don't rape'." Truth. Men, start teaching your sons how to properly AND equally treat women!

  • Half the Sky Movement

    #quote "I need feminism because society teaches us 'don't get raped' rather than 'don't rape.'"

  • Lisa Orr

    things must change.....................

  • Ashlee Taylor

    so true!! society needs to stop blaming the victims & start targeting the perpetrators! It is not our responsibility as a woman to "not get raped". It should be men's responsibility to have respect and not commit rape.

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