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  • Ed7en Farber

    thought provoking

  • Lyn Katsuko

    Feminism and rape culture

  • Half the Sky Movement

    #quote "I need feminism because society teaches us 'don't get raped' rather than 'don't rape.'"

  • Kat Knutsen

    'I need feminism because society teaches us 'Don't get raped' rather than ' Don't rape'." Truth. Men, start teaching your sons how to properly AND equally treat women!

  • Rachel Sanders

    I'm not a feminist but this, this is true.

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So true. I think about this every time a girl on Facebook argues with me that there is nothing wrong with calling girls sluts. Exactly what JennaMarbles needs to hear after her ridiculous slut-shaming video. Let's work together instead of holding up the patriarchy with the oppressors.

Just having a little feminism moment. I think it's ridiculous that we were raised to change ourselves by others standards. Like we have to shave, or it's gross and unhygienic, or that if we show cleavage it makes us a "slut" and practically "begs for rape". It isn't about being greater than men, it's about being treated equally.

We dont need to have a mother or a sister or wife TO CARE!

Individualism! Not just seeing women as a giant herd or different faces with the same mind.

"I need feminism because despite all my accomplishments, I don't have, and never want, children."

Women do NOT need to become male'like in order to be treated equally. Embrace your femininity as your strength if it is how you feel! If women must become like men in order to be seen as equal, then in essence, the men have won again. They have stripped us of who we are and converted us into "them". POWER in the FEMININE!

Amen! I'm a femmi gardening, cooking, mild, person, but I am a person, and my worth is defined by my goals and my values alone. Feminism doesn't mean being anything in particular, just freedom to be yourself, and not have your worth defined by others.

It's hard to believe that there are any radical Muslim feminists since all we seem to see in the media is the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim society

"I need inclusive, intersectional feminism because I had to scroll through five pages to see the face of another woman of color."

This comic perfectly represents what rape culture is to me. It's the idea that women can't wear anything without being rudely "catcalled", as people call it, or go out at night for fear of being assaulted. I think cultures that are hugely patriarchal, such as the U.S. and middle eastern countries, and how kids are raised allow this type of culture to continue and suppress feminism.