"I need feminism because society teaches us 'Don't get raped' rather than 'Don't rape.'"

I need feminism...

I need feminism because...

concept of virginity

feminism 101

how true..

I need feminism because growing up I heard a lot about "safety" and "modesty" but nothing about consent. [click on this image for a brief analysis and remix about rape culture and the recent proliferation of rape jokes on prime time television]

don't rape

Tees, Tee Shirt, T Shirt, T-Shirt, Jersey

It should be illegal to ask those questions in a rape case. What were you wearing? Drinking? Doing? Sexual history? None of this EXCUSES RAPE!


likelihood of shark attack vs. rape

Dont ever compliment me by insulting other women. Thats not a compliment, its a competition none of us agreed to.


"If the next generation has sons that are as repulsed by rape as they should be then we won't need to worry about our daughter's clothing. Hell, if we just make our generation shift the blame from the victim to the perpetrator and recognize rape as an act of violence rather than a natural hazard then we won't even notice clothing. . . ." #feminism #slutshaming #rapeculture #equality


rape culture

Rape Culture

This Is Rape Culture