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PDF to Word document is a fantastically simple site that allows you do do just what the url suggests: Convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. You simple go to the site, upload your pdf, select either .doc or .rtf, enter your email and click convert. PDF to Word then emails you the word file upon completion. There is no sign up necessary and the turn-around time is approximately 10 minutes.

48 Amazing Websites for Teachers and/or Students! Ex: PDF to Word - site that allows you to convert PDF documents to fully editable Word documents. Turn around time is about 10 minutes, Word file is emailed to you. Tons of great websites!

How to Learn Typing From Scratch - A Complete Guide For Beginners

King School Library - Links to Multiple Free Typing Games (Keyboard Practice) - Check out out these typing tutorials and games to practice your own typing skills. Practice, practice, practice, and maybe someday you'll type as fast as I do.

Computer shortcut keys

I use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Ctrl + X all the time and a few others occasionally… I had no idea there were so many more shortcuts!

How to Make Pretty Labels in Microsoft Word + FREE Printable | Just a Girl and Her Blog

How to Make Pretty Labels in Microsoft Word

How to make pretty labels in MS Word. Use them in household or office organizing, pocket page scrapbooking, or within documents.

Convert and Create a Word/Excel/PPT from a PDF doc FREE

Free Online PDF Converter Via Scoop.it - formation free online PDF Converter provides a quick and easy way to convert PDF to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, allowing you to create a PDF from.

Don't get hand-cramps from writing all of your thank-you notes!  Why not convert your handwriting into a font?!  It costs about $10, but I'm filing this away for future reference... This would be really cool! :)

DIY: make your own font: if only my handwriting wasn't so atrocious! but for someone who has lovely handwriting or to capture someone (thinking my grandma etc.) is cool idea if it works.

Interesting, works. Perfect for when you're looking for that one song. I been using this for so long..so easy and quickky downloads,..great invention!

how to get free music--legally.Wow am I proud of myself, all tech savvy and such