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Percentages, Fractions, and Decimals Math Journal

Students work on 4 different math journal tasks to learn how to relate percentages, fractions, and decimals. The math journal templates include the following

Happy Daric Lite Brite - students learn about the art technique pointillism and explore fractions and percentages! create a design on the lite brite. have them tally each time they add a color. Next, students write a fraction for each color. Then, they divide and multiply to figure out the percentage of each color they used. Students round their percentages. Then, they check their work to make sure all the colors add up to 100%.

Students can use the first page to color in fractions ranging from 1/2 to 12/12. On page 2 is a fractions vs. percent coloring page with each fraction bar separated into percentages.

fraction bingo - students make their own boards. You can take it a step further by calling out addition and subtraction problems, equivalent fractions, percentages, and decimals for students to solve/convert.