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People using LOL all. the. time. is such a big peeve of mine!!

.Lol. That is as bad as "ask" and "axe"!


story of my life! it's not easy being right ALL the time...


Pants, ok; bra, maybe; make-up, you're funny

haha diddly squats!

:) so true

My scale is trying to make me feel fat again. Jealous lying whore.

One of my biggest pet peeves!



looove it!!!

Hah! If only people knew what Ashley Mallow and I sat around talking about, they'd understand why we were always giggling! :)

OMG hilarious!

so true :)


Insomnia! Bahahahahahaha!

Absolutely so true! Yes there is a sacrifice at times for S-A-H moms... But working moms do it and then about full time job, full time single mother..FUN! :P