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Amendment. likes · talking about this. We support the right of the people to keep and bear arms. LIKE if you agree!...

This is a true leader!!! The zero effect, I think was just some dumbass that wanted to get attention. Even with an attempt to take his life, he still believed in the Constitution of the United States of America, and all the Amendments there in. I can't wait till November when the republicans take over the Senate, and keep the House. This is an actual hero, that people looked up to. Instead of right now where we look at the ground in disgust

Please, take a moment to read this. Save our country from the Syrians. Our lives will be over as we know it.

ATTENTION CRIMINALS, TERRORIST Over 170,000 Wisconsin Residents have a legal permit to carry a handgun. They are Armed and Prepared to Defend Themselves and Others Against acts of criminal Violence. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ... Illinois and Chicago, however, have been Disarmed for your convenience! have been warned-ha love it

84,999,987 LEGAL firearm owners killed no one yesterday

Much more effective than "gun free zones," where liberals assume criminals will obey the rules and leave the general population as sitting ducks. Brookesmith Independent School District is located in Brookesmith, TX. Source: