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Grapefruit-White Wine Sparkler

Grapefruit-White Wine Sparkler This cocktail combines sweet-tart grapefruit juice and herbal gin with sparkling wine for an effervescent drink that's perfect for toast for any occasion.

Puente Punch

Puente Punch - think orange julius, with a little punch :-) lime, sugar sugar, orange juice, sweetened condensed milk, amber rum

Punch Parker

Allen Katz, mixologist at the Shanty and a partner in New York Distilling, uses his own Dorothy Parker gin to make this fruity punch. Slideshow: Great Party Punches

Kill Devil Punch

Kill Devil Punch - a combination of fresh raspberries, rum, pineapple juice and champagne! Cool the punch with a block of raspberry ice that releases berries into the bowl as it melts.

Gin Genie

Sloe gin, lemon, mint // More Garden-to-Glass Cocktails: #foodandwine

25 Yummy Party Punches