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    "You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful." ~ Amy Bloom #quotes

    the pain that you've been feeling, cant compare to the joy thats coming - scriptures - holy - words of wisdom - quote - quotes

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    I give credit to my daughter and many friends that have made me smile and laugh when the roads on my journey were rocky, shaky, and everything in between.

    This is how I feel about my dad. He's gone now, but the grief what will never be takes time to process


    CUTE... quote to make a "wedding sign" and have it setting somewhere like candy table or something?

    12 Brilliant Toy Organization & Storage Ideas by Erin, Chief Mom

    as they share.

    Don't confuse your path with your destination. Just because it's stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine. #wisdom #quotes


    how about complain, cause that's up there too, having to deal with MOFO's all day!

    I must always be positive. No matter what happens on the outside, I have positivity inside and even though this is not an eternal state of mind. It's my daily attitude in life. #positivity #quotes #caregiving

    Be YOU!!! Happy quotes - Inspirational quotes - Positive quotes #motivation

    I am strong


    Proud To Be An American, patriotic printables for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans' Day.

    There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy..

    We are all a little weird. Life's a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness & call it LOVE.

    Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process.

    I've been told I'm weird more times than I can count...and I have lots of wonderful friends. There must be some truth to this!

    I dont want a relationship thats serious all the time. I want someone I can laugh be silly with. Someone that not only gets my weird sense of humor but thinks its hilarious too. | Share Inspire Quotes - Love Quotes | Funny Quotes | Quotes about Life | Motivational Quotes

    Proud to be a bit weird. I tell my daughter that everyone is weird. Some people just don't bother to hide it... Her version of a compliment is, "that lady is weird..."