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When a women sys "do whatever you want" do NOT do whatever you want.

Sigh. I think I'm a grown up.

Hunger Games Cornucopia... exactly what I thought too :)

The best part about our job is the 'You'll never believe what I just saw' moments.

BAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Can I get a A-M-E-N???

I wear bodily fluids that aren't mine, I work weekends & holidays, I get screamed at & have my hands in other peoples orifices. Tell me again how hard you work?

We should probably get therapy for all of these issues we conceal with humour.

Or a patient who won't keep they're arm straight! Or better yet when ER places the IV in the AC all the damn time! 😆

Actually I was only in labor for 11hrs with you Rollins and never once had to push. You will hear how thankful your father and i are that i got a csection and how glad we both are that you never tore/wrecked my vagina if anything..... Lol

sad but true. :)

As long as it isn't a coag you should be fine...