My Review of Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences for Cats

Family portrait! Poe with her sons Beckett and Kafka <3

Jackson Galaxy again, love him.

How to Choose Spirit Essence Remedies taught by Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy. Love his show!

Cats. I love Jackson Galaxy!!

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy!

Jackson Galaxy ceramic mug (pink)

Thanks to Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences Gus is no longer pounding the stuffing out of Kafka and they are BFFs. Amazing things those Spirit Essences!

Beckett (grey) and Kafka (Lynxpoint Siamese)

siamese >^..^< .

Kafka, our Lynxpoint Siamese



Thanks to Spirit Essences Kafka and Gus are finally friends!


Want this cat!!

Siamese kittens <3