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Fantastic film, awesome poster - Memento by 3ftDeep

LOVE Memento--did an entire section and project on it in my Senior Psyc Seminar...fascinating stuff once you really understand how memory loss works

"Some memories are best forgotten." - Memento |Christopher Nolan (There also happens to be an Indian version of this film called "Ghajini".)

Memento - typographic movie poster - Adam Juresko

"my wife deserves vengeance, doesn't make any difference whether i know about it, just because there are things i don't remember doesn't make my actions meaningless..."

Memento (2000) "Devo credere in un mondo fuori dalla mia mente, devo convincermi che le mie azioni hanno ancora un senso, anche se non riesco a ricordarle. Devo convincermi che quando chiudo gli occhi, il mondo continua ad esserci... allora sono convinto o no che il mondo continua ad esserci? ...c'è ancora? ...Sì. Tutti abbiamo bisogno di ricordi che ci rammentino chi siamo, io non sono diverso. Allora, a che punto ero?"

This film has not been given the honors it deserves. It's enticing, thought provoking and is a film that leaves you wondering. I watch movies to challenge my mind- and this film certainly does that for me. Memento- Directed by Christopher Nolan

Memento: the movie that made Chris Nolan famous. A truly original thriller as it is told backwards and through the eyes of a hero with no memory. In other hands it could have been a gimmick but with Nolan's deft handling it really works.

Memento. "I know I can't have her back... but I don't want to wake up in the morning, thinking she's still here. I lie here not knowing... how long I've been alone. So how... how can I heal? How am I supposed to heal if I can't... feel time?"

ALTERNATING RHYTHM is the use of alternating patterns or shapes that create a predictable flow to the design, as seen here with the "twisting" purple and white lines.