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  • Lisa Hey

    creative crafts, like silk dyed easter eggs!

  • Janis Severance

    Silk Dyed Eggs ("Tie" Dyed) #silk #easter #egg

  • Andrea Powell

    Silk tie dyed Easter eggs. I buy silk ties from the thrift store- already have enough for dying eggs this year. The kids loved doing this last year! Wrap in pieces of silk, tie, wrap in white cloth and tie before boiling for 20minutes

  • Alicia Marie

    #Silk #Tie #Dyed #Easter #Eggs. I cannot wait to try this...use patterned silk ties to dye your Easter Eggs and the patterns on the ties will transfer onto the eggs. Yes, you need to use silk, but you can find cheap silk ties at #thrift stores.

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Love this idea - can't wait to try it. Goodwill here I come!

romantisch (paas) eitje

Vibrant Easter Eggs, dyed naturally. Thought this would also be a good teaching tool for textiles were dyed long ago. Maybe even try to dye different materials like cotton fabric, yarn, etc with the the natural dyes (science).

how flippin' neat! silk-necktie-dyed eggs! Tightly wrap & tie the silk from a necktie around an egg, wrap again with a white cotton cloth, boil eggs for 20 minin water with 1/4 c. of white vinegar, dry, and the pattern from the tie gets imprinted on the eggs! Definitely trying this one! :)

  • Danijela Wabbel

    Maggie Bevirt here ya go!

  • Rachel Wyatt

    I've done this and it works great! I will say its better with a smaller simple pattern or swirls type pattern.

een verzameling mooi ontworpen paaseieren |

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs via Our Best Bites

Natural Easter Egg Dye #diy #easter #egg .. I have to so remember this~

the most incredible eggs I've ever seen - look at those colors and I'm a sucker for flora silhouettes.

  • Neatsie Mccreery

    I've made these in past..shine up,w some veggie,oil....

  • Dawn Henriksen

    How did you make these Neatsie? Especially with the detail of the leaves...Thanks

  • LaviandJoe Beuca

    So easy to make. We're Romanian and my mom has been making these since I was a little girl. you just need pantyhose, eggs, egg die, different leaf/herbs. boil eggs like normal, while boiling cut pantyhose about 4 fingers wide, then get a dish with some water and dunk the leaf in it and place where you want it on the egg. Get your pantyhose and carefully wrap it around the egg and leaf and since the pantyhose stretch make sure the entire egg is covered in the pantyhose. Then tie the end with string and put the egg in whatever color you like. Once your done pull egg out, cut the top of the end off and peal off the leaf.

  • Lisa

    thank you for telling us how to make these x

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