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  • Honnalee Fern Go

    Crafting project for some throw pillows for our dorm couch?

  • Shannon Titus

    SAMANTHA, SOPHIE, SAMMY, SYDNEY Harry Potter pillows!! I know quite a few kids who would love to have these! Wish I could sew!

  • Maricela Carrasquedo ✰✰✰

    idea for crafting - Harry Potter pillows

  • Amanda Spencer

    Harry Potter pillows. For this to work, either I need to get the kids interested in HP or use this idea for other characters. Hmm ...

  • Meghan .

    Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione throw pillows

  • Katie Verde

    Harry Potter pillows :) THINGS I NEED

  • Emi Walters

    @kim Jordan, these are so cute for your craft idea Harry Potter cushions

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Haha ok so I wouldn't decorate my house with hp pillows but I'll probably force my kids to love him (but most likely will adore him on their own) so maybe for like fun pillows in the play room! @Kelly this is for you!

DIY Harry Potter Mug. make this yourself with sharpies and bake for 30 mins at 350 degrees

It would be cooler if it was a normal teacup on the outside and only had the inside to make it Potter themed.... "You have zee Grim!!!!"

Harry Potter Swap!! by Jeni Baker, via Flickr

Harry Potter Quilt. This is why I'm getting a sewing machine, people

The most beautiful quilt ever! Lol Harry Potter bookcase Quilt by Jennifer Ofenstein (, via Flickr

I wouldn't say they're the best - everyone's got different tastes - but these are certainly very well drawn.

Amazing Harry Potter Quilt, WITH weekly patterns and blogposts for creating your own!!! I may have a new weekly project.

Not necessarily funny, but so true. Thank you Ms. Rowling