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How many times have you heard the advice to pick your battles? But as a parent, how do you do that? Here are some practical guidelines to help you out.

from Mothering From Scratch

girl power: helping our daughters see their true worth

Girl Power- helping our daughters see their true worth- great stuff on addressing modesty too.

Social Media, Tech, and Your Tween/Teen: a comprehensive guide to help you be in the know and set healthy, happy boundaries with your kids.

Are you quick to find fault with your teen's friends? Managing her social life could cause a rift in your relationship with her. Here's some tips for how to approach the situation.

from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

You Might Have A Tween Daughter if...

You might have a tween daughter if...Can you identify with our tween scenarios? Mysterious bad moods, rolling eyes, growing independence and much more. Finding humour and insight in the tween years. tween and teen parenting

We can’t guarantee what path our children will take in the future, but we can make time today to cultivate a relationship for which they will feel safe to return.