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Happy Valentine’s Day… TT-TT  Sherlock, are you even paying attention??

Sherlock ♥ - enerJax (BenLocks - A Study In Hair) Really, these are the most amazing .gifs!!!!

"(gif) Sherlock Family Portrait..." — Such perfection.

What keeps you calm, Sherlock? - Heart ---> in pieces ----> on the floor.

Happy Birthday Louise Brealey~! Way to live the dream :DDD I had to draw them in character okay

Is Mycroft doing the duck face? And then there's Sherlock and Mycroft paying pirate, and then Redbeard, and John's wedding and, oh the FEELS!!!

I’ll always remember our walks For the LetsDrawSherlock Historical Moments challenge I wanted to draw Sherlock and Redbeard from th...

1499 Sherly’s happy place gif by enerJax ♥