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  • Donna Hopkins

    Sugar Free homemade marshmallows

  • Shannon Williams

    Homemade SUGAR FREE Marshmallows! Yup, no corn syrup or agave in sight [fat free & gluten free]

  • Shannon Ferguson

    Please please pleeeease don’t laugh at me, but it took me 12 trials to finally perfect these Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Marshmallows (!!!!!) After trial 3 I wanted to rip my hair out but I kept on trying. As I always do... #diy #eggless #fatfree #glutenfree #healthy #lowcarb #nobake #sugarfree

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Healthy cookie: no butter, no sugar, no eggs, no flour...will have to try making these with my little guy.

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"I made these using honey and no cream of tartar and I used my Kitchen Aid mixer; they came up amazingly fluffy and thick (I put them on parchment paper on cookie sheets, cut them out and let them dry for 12 hours). My daughters classes LOVED them and the adults prefer them!!" -Tammy

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Sugar-Free Marshmallows by HealthyIndulgencesBlog, via Flickr YEAH....I get to have smores with my family this year! Watching them eat them without me, IS NOT FUN!!

I use marshmallows to slow down my transit time when i need to change my bag. I have been searching for a Crap-Free (HFCS, sugar, etc.) recipe and here it is! Homemade sugar-free marshmallows with stevia. Original recipe calls for an unflavored kosher beef gelatin, but a note mentions using agar agar (including approximate amount). Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free and Sugar Free

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