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DIY Ice Queen Masquerade Mask Tutorial from Klaire de Lys. This masquerade mask is made out of glue (from a glue gun), rhinestones and nail polish. It’s from an easy to follow video tutorial under 4:30 minutes. I normally don’t post video tutorials but her blog and YouTube channel are amazing for makeup tutorials.

FeltMagnetfrom FeltMagnet

Ten Genius Things You Can Do with a Glue Gun

spider webs Even high temp guns will spin webs for you so why not use it to your advantage at Halloween. Apply a dab of hot glue to anchor the web and while blowing on the glue pull it to a different anchor point. Keep repeating it until your web is done. When Halloween is over just run our hand though it and it cleans up just as fast. Ten Genius Things You Can Do With A Glue Gun

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Rainbow house ideas: inspirations for adding color like WHOA

Crayons, canvas and a heating gun. I would love to put this on my wall!

DIY: crayon art - crayons in old glue gun over canvas with large letters. (tape with painters tape around letters so that there is white space behind them)

Seems like a fun project!

Thanks Cedar for this Pin! Cut wine corks in half, hot glue to magnet and now you have cute cork magnets. Love this!