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    As an interesting fact about me I once said my favorite place to be is on the beach at night alone, listening to the waves. PERFECT.

    Right there... Like that exact spot... If you go a millimetre to the right that is my angry spot... But that spot that the arrow points to... That is my happy place... Anywhere else sucks..

    I most definitely am, and proud of it! :)

    I believe I need to increase my salt intake...

    So True!

    Find your true direction...good for a tattoo, with a small wave at the end. My heart belongs to the ocean

    i will become a mermaid and swim the tarnished-light path made on the waves by the moon #ocean #sea #panama #jack

    Full moon over the sea.

    So true!!

    Life is good at the beach

    Absolutely true!

    ♥ Everytime I'm at the beach I feel so close to God! It's such an amazing feeling, all my thoughts drift away from the sound of the beach waves & I just focus on God & all that he is, & we talk for hours. It's great!


    Ya, I'm posting a lot of beach inspired things lately but that's because I don't want summer to end I want to keep it as long as possible.

    so true


    Seas the Day., Kennebunkport ME