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    B And D

    • Shirley Matiasz

      B and D poster: my kids get these reversed all the time

    • Felecia Webb

      writing letters

    • Ms EOI Teacher

      The Bbs like to walk... but the Dds like to talk. Visuals to help your kids memorise

    • Lisa Mack

      The First Grade Parade: Is that a B?? Or a D??? Many visuals to help kids differentiate between b & d.

    • Kimberly Smith

      Memory tricks for kids' letter reversal problems. Love the "make your bed" at the bottom of the page.

    • Melinda Six

      Classroom: Letter recognition. Differentiate between B and D. The Bs like to walk but the Ds like to talk.

    • Claire Barsky

      Language arts- Good way to teach how to differentiate between "b" and "d" Very Clever! #fb

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    Sensory pods for your sensory room. These would make a great calm down area for kids, great for autism (asd) or even as a reading nook

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    Building a sensory den, sensory play area or light play area doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some ideas that any parent or teacher can do.

    I'm going on an Airplane (Social story) for the children in my class about to take their first holiday.

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    possible social skills lesson

    Do you have the kid on the cover in your class? I've met him many times. This is a set of social narratives for providing expectations, perspective, and coping strategies for the classroom routines of raising hands to talk, lining up and walking quietly in the hall, and following teacher's direction. Great for a variety of student in addition to those with autism.


    Stop it, I dont like it poster social story book

    Social Story for Asking Politely

    social stories

    Mistaken-Goal-Chart - Adlerian Theory - based on how the child is making YOU feel -

    good for parents to understand (I think I have a hard copy of this one but can never find it when I need it. Love Pinterest).

    Attachment Theory.

    Good infographic for understanding attachment theory


    "The Fire child is the charismatic leader, outgoing and funny but can be prone to mood swings and impulsive actions. The Earth child is the cooperative peacemaker who can feel worried and indecisive when stressed. The Metal child is comforted by routine and finds it difficult to shift attention from task to task. The Water child is the imaginative dreamer, deeply introspective, who struggles to keep track of time." ....

    10 Rhetorical Questions to Stop Using in the Classroom-- funny and helpful!

    Visual schedule- When task is completed, the pill box is opened for a small reward!

    No David! This is great for teaching inferences AND teaching social skills for students with autism. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources

    Teaching nonverbal skills to children with autism using a not-so-scary zombie theme...

    Research into Causes and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders