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  • Merlinfanatic77

    Dawwww :') <--- Not even in the fandom, but I MUST REBLOG.

  • Victoria Henry LeMaster

    Doctor Who letters... If I ever have a little girl, this is going on her bedroom wall right next to her bookshelf!~~ OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING

  • Brianna

    I'm not a Dr who fan but that is good

  • Erin Granville

    girl who dreamed #doctorwho

  • Kylie

    Dear Doctor <3 // and this... this is why I like Doctor Who.

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The different incarnations of the Doctor in their respective Hogwarts Houses. ;) Though actually...they're all the same how does this work?!

Doctor Who Poster: Asylum of the Daleks - 11"x17" Science Fiction Art Print. $18.00, via Etsy.

EXTERMINATE ALL NON-WHOVIANS! Me - more like exterminate all the people who watch reality shows aimed at idiots!

I always thought Donna was crazy for saying that, though she is my favorite companion by far.

Why is the TARDIS blue? *tear*

they both had to laugh, because they know that unknown, the monsters, the running is the best part. No chance is either of them going to give that up. No way they're just going to ignore whatever is going on here.

And in this moment I was a Whovian and grabbed his hand and ran!

He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun

But remember the Doctor's face in this scene. He is not overjoyed at the reunion. He is shocked at what his companions have become. Martha Jones, willing to destroy her race to save the Universe, just like the Doctor. And Rose Tyler, cheering it on. They have become reflections of himself, and it pains him.<---- pinned for the comment

hilarious, though, of course these words are of the creator of this doubt.

My children will be afraid of Weeping Angels, but they will also know that the Doctor will fight them off. Wicked adorable.