Uniden walkie talkies - great for families!

Turn your iPhone into a walkie talkie. Fun!

Waterproof bluetooth speaker. Perfect for singing along in the shower!

Flock photo sharing app allows you to crowdsource your pics {Smart for group family vacations!}

New GripTight Micro Stand from Joby -- so handy! (And works on all smartphones)

15 Apps That'll Make You Insanely Productive - Website and phone blockers, ambient noise, ToDo lists, email managers...

Serious awesome new home security systems for families controlled by apps.

How Can You Be Sure Your Data Is Really Deleted?

Radio Water, Frs Gmrs 2 Way, Radios Frs Gmrs, Midland Radios, Midland Lxt118, Survival Gear

#Prepper #Survival - 1963 ... survival plan!

Stress no more! With a few downloads, you can possess the apps that'll make you more productive by saving minutes and hours you would otherwise waste away. Ready to check them out?

How to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF - could a museum use this idea for student curated boards and submit them for art projects? Just a thought

More Kitchen Drawers

how to prepare your family for a weather emergency .

This handmade wooden iPad Mini Dock even accounts for the cord.

Preparedness Quick Tip #20:

Printable Family Emergency Plan - use this printable to prepare your family in case of an emergency. www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Make your own cookbook - add your own family photos and recipes. Give to your children when they move out of the house or get married.

family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. Love this.