Explore Camera Pretty, Favorite Color, and more!

wide-angle lens 35mm film camera - pretty too!

Oh what a pretty camera!


Sony Smart Lens. Wow

Pretty camera straps | Modstraps -- free shipping too!

Lomography - gorgeous camera!--fun for photography studentS!

Epiphanie camera bags are just the best. This one in tons of pretty colors along with a practical basic black.

lovely little wide-angle camera

camera lens mug - I WANT IT!

St. Tropez 35mm Lomocams. WANT!

Fabulous handmade camera strap via Couch on Etsy.

{Camera gear} My all-time absolute favorite lens in my bag is my 35mm f/2 prime for Canon. 90% of the photos in my gallery have been taken with this little baby.

The new Camera+ 6 app - and why it's the best.

Couch camera strap -- beautifully handmade!

Kelly Moore camera bags: Can't believe they're actually for cameras!

The new Canon Powershot N - built-in wi-fi and amazing touch screen!

The hot new Polaroid Socialmatic camera and portable printer. The printer is AMAZING!

The new Camera+ app version 5 is amaaaazing! So great for travel when you don't want to lug a camera.

Camera awesome is indeed awesome. And free!

Awesome leopard camera!

Gizmon leather case makes your #iPhone look like a camera!