Good Listener Anchor chart

Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom Rules anchor chart (picture only.)

Good Listener Anchor Chart for Back to School

diagram of a listener activity. so good for teaching "attending behavior" to the little ones.

Synonyms Anchor Chart - with a flower-theme is perfect for spring! (image only)

Solving math problems anchor chart...fingers are mainly kindergarten (and a bit in the beginning of first)

Here's a nice anchor chart for voice levels.

Kindergarten Smiles: Five Senses Anchor Chart Idea

Diagram of a Listener.pdf. This would be great for the beginning of the year and as a checkup too!

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

This chart is used" as part of Responsive Classroom and my first six weeks of school unit. If you are not familiar with Responsive Classroom, you can use this chart to discuss ways we can make our friends feel better when we hurt their feelings. We talk about how just saying "I'm sorry" does not 'fix' our friends feelings.

How to say I'm sorry. This chart is great for teaching children how to say sorry and mean it.

Great to use during Dental Health Unit

We read two books: A Tree For All Seasons and Watching the Seasons and created an anchor chart to show what we know so far about the seasons.

A great classmate anchor chart.

Mrs FDK Doyle - would be an easy anchor chart to create yourself with the students - Superhero Anchor Chart

Why I Took My Behavior Clip Chart Off My Wall and why you should too! Join the conversation at Simply Kinder! Ideas for creating a positive classroom environment and more! #SimplyKinder Great for Kindergarten!

YoungTeacherLove: Reading and Summarizing Nonfiction: Coding the Text

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