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Artist Mary Sibande explores the intersections of race, gender, power and sexuality in her native South Africa with her many-layered sculptures. She actually “cast her own body in fibreglass and silicone to create ‘Sophie,’ the woman shown above. She then painted her a ‘flat black,’ so that she stands out like a dark and static shadow…

Colors of India



rio. Como diz uma música brega do Recife: “O tempo passa / o mundo gira / o mundo é uma bola”.


Black Beauty by Karen Pang

News — Australian Infront

photo by lina abrudan

Claudio Allia, Nairobi

Field of Storms

Spring in Paris, France

The Tower of Eiffel

Only in Paris.. Rue du Mail.

paris black and white color effect

Montmartre ~ Sacre Coeur ~ Paris


The lights of Paris

Premio NG 2014

Premio NG 2014

Premio national geographic 2013

Tim Jarosz

Tim Jarosz

Tim Jarosz