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    How To: Turn a Bookcase Into a Bar

    Time: 3 days including drying time approx. 12 hours Cost: $60 Not all of us can afford a standalone bar in regards to space or cost, but most of us can afford to take a thrift store or flea market bookshelf and turn it into your very own Bookcase Bar, like Theresa did for last year's January Jumpsta...
    • Ashley Diener

      Turn a bookcase into a bar..hmm.. we were about to get rid of two old bookshelves... this would be a fun project to do!

    • Nicole Feely Castro

      Fantastic idea for a little wine bar

    • Ericka Noah

      DIY old bookcase into a bar from Apartment Therapy. Cool idea. - kitchen, dinning room

    • April Savage

      Turn an old bookshelf into a bar. I love this mini bar idea.

    • Kristin Welch

      DIY Bookcase Bar good idea to spice up old bookcase

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