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Compost Tea How-To 1. Shovel some compost onto the middle of a two-by-two-foot square of burlap, and tie the corners together with twine. 2. Soak in a plastic or galvanized-steel bucket for a couple of days until the water turns a rich, brown color. Remove the burlap sachet, and empty its contents back onto the compost pile. 3. Use the nutrient-rich brown ''tea'' to water your herbs.

How to Compost in Your Apartment by thejoyfulorganizer #Composting #Apartment #Green

hqcreations: I’m always concerned about the laundry lint and the newspapers… wouldn’t the possible chemicals on those compostables be bad for the soil?

Learning to compost. Less trash and greener garden!

DIY double composter...I'd have them both next to ground.

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of mother nature I researched composting today and whipped up this quick guide to post on my fridge (and here) for all to see. Not surprisingly composting website...

Compost for healthier gardens and homes!

I love composting. Sounds strange but it truly is satisfying.

This terrific article explains all you ever wanted to know about composting. Why do you need to compost? Find out here.