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The Disney Facts

Disney Fact Boo, from Monsters Inc., her real name is Mary, after he voice actress Mary Gibbs, also in the scene in Sulley& bed there is a paper with the name Mary in the corner.

I agree. However, it something about the grandeur of the other castles give it something more.

Disney fact 18 That's awesome! I've always liked Sleeping Beauty's castle better than Cinderella's!

Dre! Dre can talk like stitch!

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Disney fact. I'm reading Hamlet now for school

The Disney Facts Wait.

Disney Fact 16:  "Cars" is the longest Disney Pixar movie at 117 minutes.  (Good to know)

Fact 16 - Cars is the longest Disney Pixar movie at 117 minutes.

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The Disney Facts, Search results for: mickey

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The Disney Facts hahah


Look for this next time you watch Sleeping Beauty!

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Disney fact follow to see more

Is it werid that right when i read the word FLO, i said in my head, OH I FLO? Like from Finding Nemo

Fact 19 - Pixar uses the name 'Flo' twice. Deb, in Finding Nemo, names her reflection Flo. And there is Flo in Cars.

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Disney Fact Walt Disney was originally going to name Disneyland "Mickey Mouse Park".

I think Timon and Pumbaa make a cameo as well during that scene. Though they are much harder to find.

Fact 47 - Belle makes a cameo appearance in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame while Quasimodo is singing "Out There".

The Disney Facts:  *buzzer noise* I'm sorry, that's the wrong answer.  Zeus had two wives: The first was Metis, a Titan. And Hera his second and last wife.   He has an over abundance of lovers and rape victims....But none of them were wives like Metis and Hera.

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and that is why disney world will never beat disneyland

Fact 22 - Disneyland currently has 58 attractions, the largest number of attractions for a Disney theme park.

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Say Whaaat? Gonna watch the movie and time it now. That is just weird, now I wanna know how much time the other ones are in there.