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  • Flor Salvador

    wee mouse tin house. great travel toy.

  • Ida Mejia

    cute mouse houses ... nice gift for kids!

  • Erin Schutz

    Wee Mouse Tin House: A little metal box full of cute wee mice! Make a tiny friend from scraps and take it with you wherever you go! This wee little mouse is designed to fit inside an empty Altoids® tin and will fit easily in your purse. Can be made for a girl or a boy, depending on the colors you choose.

  • Jamie Namahoe

    Wee mouse tin house. Great gift idea!

  • Adri

    Wee mouse tin house. I LOVE this idea. Pin leads back to the blog with links for the patterns from Etsy for 8 bucks and instructions. Very very fun! Altoid tins certainly are good for a lot of things.

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This is awesome, I am going to share this with my mom. She kept all those toys from when I was a kid and it would be so neat to display them rather than have them sit in storage.

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"Sweet little metal box full of... mouses! Starting from this diagram of Mmmcrafts, you will be able to build from felt and fabric this house to hosting some small rodents that your children may carry wherever they want. Moreover, it would be a great corner to save their first loose teeth and change them to the Tooth Fairy for small treasures."

Baby Carrier from "Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children". That's it, I'm too attached to this exact pattern. I'm going to have to buy the book and make one for my daughters and all of their friends to justify having paid for it.

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