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  • Shannon Giannetti

    the big bang theory illustrated

  • Daniel Langevin

    The Big Bang Theory I love science and astronomy. But did you know that Scientific theory actually came from a theist , also did you know that a scientist now can trace on an atomic level to the crucible where are atoms were formed. Although , pseudoscience has a very strong influence over the public or the media so be careful where you get your sources make sure you check the sources and to make sure that it is peer reviewed and it is actually scientific so if it is measurable and it's provable it scientific if it's not and it's only hearsay or pseudoscience thank you I always trust the truth of evidence And honesty is the best policy Daniel L

  • Shannon

    The Higgs Boson Explained

  • abdurrahim yilmaz

    Bing Bang Theory

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Well there you have it, folks. A priest came up with the big band theory!

Assuming the universe exists in a state similar to how it is now, without the big rip, big freeze, big bounce, big slurp or any other proposed scenarios taking place, what will our descendants see when observing distant sources of light? Or rather, what will they not see? How will the universe change? From Quarks to Quasars compiled a series of infographics that touch base on the future of the universe.

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3/17/14 - Major Discovery: 'Smoking Gun' for Universe's Incredible Big Bang Expansion Found | Astronomers have found the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation, the theorized dramatic expansion of the universe that put the "bang" in the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. If it holds up, the landmark discovery would give researchers a much better understanding of the Big Bang and its immediate aftermath.

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