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female Scythian warrior; according to academics the girls could not marry until they killed their first enemy. Husband and wives were expected to fight along side one another.

The Sak Warrior with curator A symbol of independent Kazakhstan, the Golden Man was a Sak Warrior found intact in a burial mound in Issyk. His costume is leather and gold

Sogdian or Sassanian 7thc silk riding coat with confronted deer This stunning coat from the 7th century was in an exhibition in New York in 2007:

Bowl with a Depiction of Lion Hunting. Place: Russia (now Ukraine). Epoch. Period: Early Iron Age. Date: Scythian Culture. Early 4th century BC. Place of finding: Solokha Barrow. Entrance Grave. Archaeological site: Dnieper Area, Zaporozhye Region. Material: gold.

Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak Scythian Griffin holding a stag head in its beak. From Pazyryk, Russian Altai mountains, 4th century B.C. Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum.