MAB GRAVES The Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Art & Natural History - London! #skeletons

Bathroom wallpaper is taken from illustrations in Albertus Seba's "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities." Brilliant!

'Cabinets of Curiosities' evolved during the Renaissance-Baroque period. Collectors’ stored their precious artworks (artificialia), rare natural phenomena (naturalia), scientific instruments (scientifica), objects from faraway lands (exotica), and inexplicable items (mirabilia). A reflection of the prevailing knowledge and world view of the intelligentsia, at the time.

cabinet of curiosities

Mark Dion Cabinet of Curiosities

The Universal Food Chopper | Vintage Poster #vintage #poster #food

Great display for a designer look!! Find a trendy or cool object and repeat it in a staple china cabinet. I have done this with coral shells, medicine bottles etc...


Cabinet of Curiosities of Bonnier de la Mosson, Museum of Natural History, Paris by astropop (Morbid Curiosity), via Flickr

everything can be a tool

Miko Sorry. Cat

The Effect of Color | Off Book | PBS

TYPE List of Rock, Mineral Antique Poster - French Dictionary Color Illustration. $13.00, via Etsy.

Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no 28 The Locust Eye by mabgraves

The Man in Black.

Cthulhu from the Necronomicon