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  • Stephanie Shannon Krauza

    Use a melon baller, scoop out apple bites and soak them in water to keep from browning. Put a skewer in each one and dip them in caramel. Mini caramel apples! Great idea because I can never bite into the big ones. Perfect!

  • Jessica Davidson

    Use a melon baller to scoop out apple bites, then dip in caramel for bite size caramel apples. Perfect for Halloween party!

  • Karla <3

    what a good idea melon baller + apples = mini carmel apples, halloween party snacks!

  • Emily K Abrams

    Use a melon baller to make mini caramel apples... great idea! Bite sized caramel apples!

  • Jennifer Grauer

    use a melon baller to make mini caramel apples (great fall party idea)

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