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bucket list: read every novel written by nicholas sparks, I'm putting this on here, but I've read every book so far. I've also seen every movie, multiple times! So check this one off!

I have yet to write in a diary everyday

Start a diary and write in it every day. I tried to do this several times, but ended up giving up after awhile. One day I'll manage to stop being so lazy and start a diary that I'll actually write in at least once a day.

never lasts me longer then a month


finish a whole tube of chapstick! A fact : if you take acutane you use a tube of chapstick weekly.

have you as my valentine on valentines day :)

This should say "ACTUALLY SPEND valentines day with my fiance before we actually get married." Unfortunatly our first valentines day physically together probably wont be till a year AFTER we are married.

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GOAL: Travel the world without a destination, going wherever the roads take me.

✅ Europe ✅ Asia ✅ Africa ✅ North America ✅ Australia (Oceania) South America Antarctic

✅ Europe ✅ Asia ✅ Africa ✅ North America ✅ Australia (Oceania) South America Antarctic Europe✔️Asia✔️Africa✔️NorthAmerica✔️Australasia✔️ only South America and Antartica left!

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My dream was to get engaged on Valentine's Day on top of the Empire State Building ever since I saw Sleepless in Seattle.until I actually went up there and realized it was probably one of the most unromantic spots I've ever been to.

bucket list

This is my number one goal in life: become inspirational. I want to make a difference. I want a legacy when I die. I want people to look back on my life with a smile.

There would be a lot of recipes

put together a cookbook, with recipes from my family, and all my favorite recipes, and pass it on to my children :)

1.1.13  check

wake up on january next to the one i love (Not that I would be asleep due to New Year's Eve)

Hope so. I can never even finish one page! Yeah...my attention span is about as long as a walnut's.

Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways

Have my father walk me down the isle.

bucket list: have my father walk me down the aisle.my father and my son both did.