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and try to convince me that your favorite is a better movie than mine.

Ryan thats what we have every time we are put together by God. Now we wait till we are put back together. Hopefully this time to stay forever and always

This is something I ATEMPT to do lol. Derek is very patient with me because I'm awful at almost all video games. However, this a lesson to all girls, guys don't care if your good at video games or if you'll make them lose if you play and your awful, all they truly care about is that you just spend the time with him trying something he loves, after all the countless shopping trips and stuff he does just for you :)

It's the little things that are important... THIS is what I want for my birthday :)

Put some songs on there that mean something to you, either they make you think of me, or just remind you of a memory. Or, just some songs that we can rock out to! :D

It's like a surprise, feeling of comfort and instant moment of tingling wrapped in one. All because he hugged you from behind