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Love this ... Under the Milky Way.

This image was taken way back two years ago in Al Wakra, Qatar. I dont know what to do with these transmission line images so i came up with this concep. Under the Milkyway

zen and the art of darkness — vxpo: Life Found In Monochrome by Michael...

Starry night in Indigo blue - "And stars climbing the dew-dropping sky, live but to light your passing feet .

Cosmic. Mother nature doing what she does best. (Photo and caption by Patrick John O'Doherty

National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010

Cosmic from National Geographic's 2010 Photo Contest. Mother nature doing what she does best. (Photo and caption by Patrick John O’Doherty)

- * NGC 2818 * - Often thought to be a member of the open cluster NGC 2818A framing it, this planetary nebula is a result of chance alignment as the radial velocity differences between the two reveal -

Stunning Space Photography

NGC 2818 is a beautiful planetary nebula, the gaseous shroud of a dying sun-like star.

Solar eclipse, as seen from Earths orbit – Nature Is Beautiful

Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit This is just too awe inspiring. This is in my "Places to Go" because some day I do wish to travel way up there and behold such sights as this.

Earth’s north star – Polaris – is located nearly directly above Earth’s north pole. There’s a star above Mars’ north pole, too, but it’s very faint.

Martian sunset image taken by NASA Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit" at Gusev Crater, 2005 (on Mars, the sky is pinkish and the sunsets are blue)