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then i told the officer i can't even walk when i'm sober

I think it's a geek thing? drunk baby meme kid drinking beer peek a boo guy funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos Lol!

#mygirlfriendnotallowedto Hilarious! http://ibeebz.com

girlfriend is not allowed to. My Favorite One Is the milkshake bring boys to the yard

Worth every second I read of this. Love it! OMG annoying neighbor light - solved!

One of the funniest things I have read. This guy needs an award. Also doesn't he know how to read? The guy is from Australia not Austria lol

At least she's pretty??? Lol.... yeah. Good luck with the rest of your life though.

Lauren Caitlin Upton is a beauty queen from South Carolina, US, who is best known for her incoherent response to a question asked during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant.

US Stereotypes.  Rainy Hipsters---wahoo.  (this is a temporary home until I make a better board...)

Funny pictures about US State Stereotypes. Oh, and cool pics about US State Stereotypes. Also, US State Stereotypes photos.

what..he's attractive.... what just happened?

Remember this guy?

mind is blown. This can't be real. You gotta be kidding me

What happens if you text your parents pretending to be a drug dealer? - This is freakin' hilarious

What happens if you text your parents pretending to be a drug dealer? - bahahaha I was seriously laughing so hard from some of these! The last mom text message is hilarous: "FUCK YOU BRIAN" X'D X'D

if this is real...this is hilarious

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post

One of the funniest things ever. why would you get a winged turtle as a tattoo? And why would you get a tattoo of a guy you have been seeing for the past 2 weeks.